Suave Arm Sofa


Tailored exquisitely by our skilled craftsmen, our Suave Arm Sofa is fully upholstered in a high density foam along with deeply cushioned seats and fluffed up cushioned back, which offers unrivaled comfort. Characterized with suave arms, smooth lines & subtle curves, this three-seater sofa is Ideal for a seating area where the whole family gathers and conversations are on top of the menu.

  • Material: Fabric & Wood

  • Upholstered in sumptuous Velvet

  • Color: Peach

  • Dimensions: (L x W x H) 206 X 90 X 90 cms

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₹ 115,995.00

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Size: (L x W x H) - 206 x 90 x 90 cms

  • Please do not place hot, cold or wet materials on the surface, as it can affect the fabric and foam of the sofa.

  • Use a soft-dry cloth immediately in case of any spillage.

  • Avoid sitting on the arms.

  • All fabrics are prone to snags caused by sharp edged materials. In case you notice snags, trim them carefully using a scissor. Under any circumstance avoid pulling them out further.

  • Do not expose the product to direct sunlight for longer.

  • Accumulated dirt may dull the colour of the upholstery, therefore a weekly cleaning with a soft brush or vacuum cleaner is recommended.

  • Do not bleach in any case while washing the upholstery.

  • Extreme spills and stains should be cleaned by professional upholstery cleaners only.

We at CLG Retail, take all the corrective measures to deliver you a flawless user experience throughout. We provide a warranty of 1 year on all our furniture products against any kind of manufacturing defects. We will ensure to repair or replace the defective part or product any time during the specified warranty period, once proven.

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