Dining Trolleys

Accessorize your dining space with dining trolley available at IAAH. If you are hosting a party a dining trolley is a must have to save you from exhaustion. With sleek design and a functional appeal, serve drinks and a variety of dishes on wheels and reach out to your guest at ease and comfort.

  • NEW

Nimbus Bar Trolley

₹ 12,995.00 12995.0 INR
  • NEW

Marvella Bar Trolley

₹ 14,995.00 14995.0 INR
  • NEW

Global Glass Bar Trolley

₹ 16,995.00 16995.0 INR
  • NEW

Cooper Bar Trolley

₹ 24,995.00 24995.0 INR
  • NEW

Neo Bar Trolley

₹ 27,995.00 27995.0 INR