Living Collections


Earthy Hues Collection

Our hearts belong in nature and bringing the outside inside the four wall has been an ambition that we all have strived for. Imbibing an “earthy vibe” was our goal with this setting along with contemporary touch to compliment your home interior with soothing hues. The Nixon Sofa Chair, that has a winged back design is amalgamated with Lisbon Sectional Sofa to create the most minimalist surroundings. This piece is perfect for a small living room and provides seating space for a lot of people. The overall mix of furniture and décor articles brings out the utmost sophistication and pleasantness.


Flamboyant Setting

Add prismatic colours to your home with this Flamboyant setting that encapsulates bright colours blended with darker hues. The resplendent positioning of Jali Sofa makes the whole setting even more impressive since it bestows a classy vintage approach. Placing the Marble Bar Cart fused with Coffee Table makes the over all setting transitional and more alluring. Introducing a Floral Wall Art intensifies the romantic theme this setting possess. Floral concepts add not just beauty but a refreshing aura in the surroundings.


Artistic Revival Collection

Brim your home with the styles and fashion of new romantic era with the Artistic Revival assortment. Tailored exquisitely by our skilled craftsmen, the Suave Arm Sofa has a feminine silhouette put adjacent to Revered Occasional Chair built in a massive style to inculcate the utmost comfort and cosiness in its silhouette. This placement imbibes delicate pink tones with rustic tints of the Coffee Table, a nod to modern design.


Contemporaneous Living Room Collection

The sleek and textural elements create this Contemporaneous Living Room. The shades are very subtle with a little tint of natural wooded hues makes this setting undeniably pleasant. The dignified juxtaposition of Floor Lamp and Table lamp adds contours in the surrounding along with emphasizing on the Accent chair for a reclaimed appeal.


Rustic Indigo Fusion Collection

Bring home the Rustic Indigo Fusion with this exquisite positioning of interior. Introducing the Home Bar Trolley concept in the living room for an exalted and modern appeal. This setting exhibits contrasting colour fusions that can automatically brighten up the space and aura. While considering wall décor by placing elegant wall art and designer mirror one can actually set the appropriate contours for the living room.

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