Dining Collections


Royal Classicism Collection

Royal Classicism beholds a dine setting that’s majestic along with ergonomic. The Dorsey Dining Chair has a sleek straight-backed feature that makes it truly comfortable. Cool details like tapered legs, nail head trim and grooved upholstery to set it apart from the rest. A six seater dining that lets you enjoy the best moments with your family. Placing of chandelier makes the overall view delightful and refined.


Reclaimed Aesthetics Collection

For a sleek modern dine setting we present to you the Reclaimed Aesthetics. With minimalist approach it can surely make everyone wonder. Crafted with elegance, the combination of Marble Wood is undeniably admiring and with the wall mirrors it becomes even more appreciating. The rustic appearance adds to the natural wood feel and charm. The walls have been used purposefully to acquire absolute functionality by placing shelves to hold glasses and décor objects.


Eequisite Abode Collection

A great dine setting can bestow delicacy and gracefulness to a home interior. It can complete your setting and make it more inviting. The Exquisite Abode is a reclaimed dine setting for those gatherings that are full of love and laughter and endless memories. It has a royal appeal with peculiar design since it accommodates absolute curves. The Fiddleback Dining Chair is inspired to have a soft feminine silhouette, crafted in Teak wood with thoughtful details. Indeed it’s a perfect transitional chair for your interiors. Placing candles can imbibe warm glow and make the surrounding peaceful.


Compact Setting Collection

For houses that need compact interior, Compact setting is the perfect choice. Presenting a four seater dining crafted with a blend of marble and wood makes this purely unique. Also the side board tends to impart flawless functionality by providing ample storage space to accentuate your dining experience. Decorating walls can add admirable contours to the area.